Arianah Melaidhrin

Elven rogue


Arianah is a short (5’3’’, or 160 cm), slender (90 lbs., or 40 kg) elf with strawberry blonde hair that falls to between her shoulderblades, and green eyes. She wears clothes over her mithral chain shirt, and her only weapons are a pair of daggers, sheathed at her waist.



Arianah lived in a small forest village close to the border of Erest whilst growing up. She is the only survivor; as a young maid, before she had reached her majority, the entire forest was set ablaze with dragonfire. She managed to escape unharmed, but her family and all of her friends died, as her home became part of the Charred Lands.

She fled to Surrilion, where she fell in with the underground. She had no money, and as part of a group of other refugees, had no prospects for a better life. She began living as a thief, learning valuable skills while living on the streets. Eventually she left Surrilion, traveling the lands as an adventurer.

When she heard the call to reclaim the Charred Lands, she went at once, hoping to rebuild her former home.

Arianah Melaidhrin

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