Chuck Finley 

Green eyes and brown hair


Chuck Finley was born out of wedlock.
His father was a travelling merchant, that he never knew. But that was okay, he never really wanted to know him.

His mother died while he was still young, and therefore Chuck spend a lot of his childhood years out in the wilds where there were no laws except for those of nature, the laws of the predator and the prey. As he grew older, Chuck searched for meaning in the world, in the gods, in the prayers of priests, in the patterns of the stars, but he found nothing. There is no true order to the natural universe except for that of raw and unbridled power. Chaos is the natural state of all things, and that’s how he likes it.

One day, when he came into town, he saw a poster with a call to arms to rebuild the Charred Lands, thinking that sounded like a fun adventure, he decided on a whim to volunteer for the task.

During the battle of Fort Dummor Chuck fell by the hands of The Stag Lord

Chuck Finley 

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