Happs Wyr 


This strongly build human wears a old and weathered cloak, filled with small patches. He has a small amulet made of silver which resembles a stag skull hanging around his neck.


Happs was with the initial bandit attack on Varti’s Trading Post and was in charge of returning every other week.

When the party was waiting at the trading post for the bandits to return, he introduced himself as a traveler looking for food, and when the party didn’t let him inside, he and his men turned around.

A few days later, after the party had left to go look for Tuskgutter in the Narlmarshes, Happs returned at collected his payment, he also took Varti’s left hand for defying they “deal”.

When the party later returned to the Thorn river camp they killed all the bandits there including Happs.

Happs Wyr 

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