Marlion Elerenki

Viceroy of Sarum


Dressed in royal garbs Marlion stands just over six feet, his hair braided behind his head running down to between his shoulder blades.
The perceptive can spot a elven chainmail under his garbs, alongside the curved blade by his side.


Marlion became the viceroy a few years before the dragon attack and had yet gotten the chance to prove himself worthy.

In the battle the city of Surrilion suffered massive damages and had many casualties, but stopped the dragons from advancing further into Estalia.

A few years after having rebuild the city and stabilized the border, Viceroy Marlion send out asking for volunteers to reclaim The Charred Lands

When the party returned to Surrilion with the body of The Stag Lord, Marlion informed them that the colony which was to be founded in the Greenbelt would not be part of Estalia, instead the colonies in the Charred Lands would be self-ruled.

Marlion Elerenki

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