Cleric of Iomedae


Standing at just under six feet tall, Raleigh weighs in at around fifteen stone. He has a short, trimmed full beard, and short hair and blue eyes, with Iomedae’s holy symbol hanging from his neck. Despite his size, Raleigh is quite agile.



In his youth, Raleigh had grand hopes of becoming a paladin — a hero of the people. But before he could be accepted into their ranks, an unfortunate accident involving a head injury caused his mind to be rather simple, and embarrassment kept him from pursuing his dream. Instead, he joined the ranks of the general clergy, but the disappointment would follow him for the rest of his life. He turned to drinking and feasting, often participating in local celebrations, and over the next decade, he grew fat and indolent, until finally his order could not condone his actions any longer. Rather than exiling him, they charged him with bringing Iomedae to others, as a missionary. The past few years, he has lived in Estalia, where he occasionally drank together with Faelan. They became friends, and when Faelan received a mystical summons to rebuild the Charred Lands, Raleigh declared he would come with, thinking to found a grand temple to Iomedae’s glory.

When the party stumbled into the Thorn river camp the bandits managed to land a fatal blow on Raleigh.


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