Faelan's familiar


a tiny monkey dressed in a wizard’s robe and hat


Bought by a pet trader by Faelan’s parents, this monkey was given to him as a gift for becoming an apprentice. Faelan named him Ruyi. Ruyi helped Faelan study, pointing things out for him in books that he missed or holding up the formula and recipes as Faelan tried his hand with experiments. Ruyi was there when Amara and Faelan got married, he took care of their kids when they were otherwise occupied. When the dragons attacked he was with Faelan at the institute, he thereafter saw Faelan grow depressed by his loss. Worried he tried to get him out of it, but it was first when a human cleric came to the city and that he saw Faelan get a bit of his spirit back from when he was younger.


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