The races of Estalia

While the majority of Estalia are traditional elves, humans have settled in the last few millennia and this day there are roughly two elves per human.

Other races such as Gnomes, Sylphs and Aasimars can also be found in Estalia.
Sylphs preferring more traditional cities and Aasimars in cities where more humans have settled.
Along these Vanaras can also be found in the southern part of Estalia among the jungles located there.

Extra racial rules

Each race has different default languages than the paizo books

Elf Elven
Half-elf Common and Elven
Human Common and Elven
Gnome Elven, Gnome and Sylvan
Sylph Elven and Auran
Aasimar Common, Celestial and Elven
Vanaras Elven and Vanaran
All races with high intelligence can choose common.


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