Aritian Garkao

Truth. Justice. And the Estallian way.


Aritian like so many Aasimar never felt at home in his hometown, so 40 years ago he travelled out into the world. Eventually he reached Erest and stumbled upon The Golden Hearth. He joined up with them, and with a group of friends he had many adventures. Unfortunately, this time would not last. After the dragon attack, his close friends from the Golden Hearth had all died and the guild was left in ruin. With nothing left in Erest, he travelled back home to Estalia.

For the next 40 years, he was retired from adventuring, he would still help out when he saw people in need, but his adventuring days were over. This all changed when a young woman begged him for help in order to save her family.

Aritian donned his old armor and sword, mounted his horse and rode out to save the woman’s family. Once he came back, he saw the poster to rebuild the Charred Lands. With the adventuring fire flaming up again, he quickly decided to travel to Varti’s Post.

Aritian Garkao

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