Caladrel Venaire


Standing tall at 6’2" (188 cm), Caladrel weighs 148 pounds (67 kg). His shoulderlength hair is midnight blue, and he has pale skin.
His garb usually consists of a silk vest with something resembling white bandoliers. He also has a white cloak, and a red armband over his right bicep


Caladrel was born in Surillion, where he lived with his mother, Seressa. In his youth, he was often sick, so he had to stay a home a lot, where his mother taught him everything he knows. Due to staying home so often, he never really got to talk with others, which left him a tad socially awkward. He also had problems trusting other people, since he has some secrets he doesn’t want anyone to know about.

Caladrel knew no one who could help him with his latent psychic prowess, so he had to train himself, testing his limits. Eventually, he got it under control without causing too much harm. His mother, meanwhile taught him how to fight, and use the ancestral weapons of his kind. Caladrel then found a way to merge these trainings – he discovered he could manifest weapons from his will alone.

When the viceroy of Surrilion made a call for arms, and asked for volunteers to reclaim the Charred Lands, Caladrel answered, hoping to make a place where he and the ones closest to him could finally feel at home.

Caladrel Venaire

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