Faelan Elithran


A middle-aged elven wizard of 198 years, Faelan lived a quiet, but happy life in Estalia with his wife (Amara) and 2 children (Faelorn and Claire). He was a lowly scribe in the local magic institution, teaching children the very basics of magic alongside his familiar, the monkey Ruyi, a gift from his parents when he was young. This all changed when a horde of Dragons attacked, slaugthering many from the city, including his family.

After this he grew bitter. He still taught at the rebuilt institute but without the enthusiasm he possessed earlier. Years later a priest of Iomedae, Raleigh, ‘exiled’ from his home came to the city and they built up a friendship as the jovial drunk got a drinking partner and Faelan slowly started to learn to overcome his loss through the drunken ramblings about the Goddess Iomedae.

One day he received a letter for rebuilding the charred lands, after thinking about it he decided to pack his things and now aim to rebuild his life, with Raleigh deciding to tag along to spread the teachings of his Goddess and create a temple for Her in the devastated lands.

Faelan Elithran

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