Surrilion is the largest city on Estalias border to The Charred Lands


After the city of Surrilion was almost destroyed by the dragon conflict in 314, the city started rebuilding itself and replacing what was lost.

In the summer of 327 the city stood fully restored and a feast was held, at the end Viceroy Marlion proclaimed the new govern body of Sarum.
During the time of rebuilding a total of four seats had been left empty and to replace them was:
Cenrir Elerenki, the brother of Marlion, as the new marshal.
Enna Amakiir, the daughter of Terimas Amakiir, was to follow her fathers footsteps as the new Magister.
Solos Haygreen, brother to Meyer Haygreen the current head of the Haygreen family, as the new Grand Diplomat.
And Cirillia Elerenki, a drow and the wife of Cenrir Elerenki, as the new Spymaster.

Most people took well to the new govern body, except for their new spymaster, the people felt uncomfortable with the decision but few spoke up against her. Over the years Cirillia proved herself worthy of the title but many still show displeasement of her, Cenrir and their child Meridith.


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